Feel the comfort of ultra-dry Diatomaceous Earth beneath your feet every time you step out of the shower. Unlike soggy bath mats, Sutera’s revolutionary Stone Bath Mat keeps your feet and your floor bone-dry. As you step off the smooth, satisfying surface, the water evaporates rapidly — like you were never there.

Safe, Stylish, and Absorbent

No more slippery, gross, soggy steps; enjoy a fresh, dry, and clean bathroom floor every time

Absorbs and Evaporates Fast

We designed the Stone Bath Mat to absorb large amounts of water at a time — so when you step out of the bath or shower, you’ll feel a clean, dry surface beneath your feet. Simply use the included sanding tool to freshen it up!

Safe and Secure

We developed the Stone Bath Mat to help keep your bathroom floor dry. The surface is engraved with a unique multi-level pattern designed to provide grip when stepping out of the bath or shower.

Stays Cleaner For Longer

Since the Stone Bath Mat is made with premium Diatomaceous Earth, it stays dry and quickly absorbs moisture — delivering a more luxurious bathroom experience.


Diatomaceous Earth is an ultra-compact material made from fossilized plankton. This super-absorbent surface is perfect for soaking-up excess moisture.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent product

"I love the product! Easy to clean and stays in place. I'll be ordering more!"

Mary L.

Definitely keeps the floor dry

"Definitely keeps the floor dry"

Kathleen S.

Have 5

"Have 5"

Valerie M.


"Awesome product! I love how it looks in my bathroom!"

Nessa M.

A-OK by me

"A-OK by me. Has fulfilled expectations so far ."

Gregory K.

Excellent Absorbancy

"Functions as intended"

Jimmy L.


Get Your Sutera Stone Bath Mat Now

Step into the new age of Sutera Stone Bath Mats that will elevate your bathroom and kitchen experience with unmatched luxury

Stone Bathmat


Introducing the Sutera Stone Bathmat - the ultimate solution for a safer, cleaner, and more stylish bathroom experience. Crafted from 100% top-grade Diatomaceous Earth, this innovative bathmat boasts a super-absorbent quality that captures water in mere seconds and allows it to evaporate just as quickly.

Key Features:

  • Quick Self-Drying: The porous surface of the Sutera Stone Bathmat is designed to absorb moisture instantly and dry rapidly, ensuring your bathroom floor remains dry and safe.
  • Slip-Resistant Design: Safety is paramount, and the mat’s slip-resistant feature provides a firm grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom.
  • Gentle & Breathable on Skin: Made from natural, fossilized algae, the mat is free from chemical treatments, making it safe and soothing even for the most sensitive skin.
  • Minimal Upkeep: Unlike traditional fabric bathmats that require frequent washing, the Sutera Stone Bathmat is low maintenance, saving you time and energy.
  • Stylish Aesthetic: With its sleek charcoal grey color and minimalist design, the mat adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor.

Customer Satisfaction: Customers rave about the mat’s durability and the convenience it brings to their daily routine. From using it as a dish mat to enhancing guest bathrooms, the Sutera Stone Bathmat has received high praise for its functionality and design.

Upgrade your bathroom with the Sutera Stone Bathmat and step onto a dry, safe, and stylish surface every day. It’s not just a bathmat; it’s a revolution in bathroom safety and hygiene.

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